Thursday, April 05, 2012

7 months

Christmas Friends

Not sure which version I prefer.

3 Amigos


Look at what this baby can do! A Rubik's cube. She must be a genius.

Sitting pretty.

She finally graduated to her big girl bed. We stuffed her big body in that bassinette until there just wasn't any more room.

Sick with RSV. And boy, was she sick.

And we've successfully started another one on the life long love of books. She is addicted! If all else fails, try reading.

Emma 6 months

Emma 5 months

Monday, October 10, 2011

6 Weeks Old

The day after Nicko's birthday it rained all day. And this is what Emma did all day!

Loved by big brother.

And happy!

Dressed up for Nick's birthday!

Birthday Boy

Nick blowing out his candles.

The AWESOME Hogwarts cake Mike and I created. Hagrids hut is on the left, and the spiders are headed to the forbidden forest across the way. 2 small lakes, a pathway leading to the castle that is up on a 3 tier hill, and rice kripy quidditch area made a small boy very happy. And it tasted yummy too!

And the smile says it all. I had convinced him that all the stores were sold out of Diagon Alley, and that it was too expensive anyway. So the very last present he opened was the one he had been asking for all along.

Happy 7th birthday Nicholas!

You are incredibly funny, super smart, and a great LEGO builder. You love your brand new baby sister with a fierceness, and can't stop hugging, kissing, and touching her. Even when sick.

We love you!

Look Who's Smiling

Some real smiles make it all worth while.

Emma - 5 weeks, 6 days

5 weeks old at the zoo

Emma 5 weeks old

We finally had some nice weather here, and the kids and I decided to take advantage with a trip to the zoo. While we always go to see the Red Pandas, Meerkats, and Elephants first, this time we went the opposite way and saw the birds, zebras, and the children's zoo. Emma spent most of the trip asleep.

4 weeks old

Emma - 4 weeks old

3 Weeks Old

Emma - 3 weeks old

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Look who got pre-pointe shoes

Katie got asked to audition for the dance studio's pre-professional program that they have started up again this year.

And of course, she made it. So now she has ballet 5 days a week with the ballet master, who teaches the company girls. She is already showing much improvement and learning a great deal after only 2 weeks.

And of course, she was excited to receive a letter this summer, telling her that she would begin pre-pointe classes this fall. After 2 classes, she is beginning to get used to the feel of these rock hard shoes. The same as a pointe shoe but without the strong shank, so they don't go up on their toes yet.

More Emma Pics

6 Days old

Big Brother

Big Sister

3 days old

Happy Birthday Emma!

Here she is!

Emma Danielle

7 lbs. 6 oz.

18 7/8 inches

August 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tap 2011 Informal

RAFA Awards

RAFA dance awards May 2011

Katie with medals in ballet, tap and jazz

Zoo May 2011

These people look like trouble!

Nick Rookie Baseball

Before the first game

#10 at bat

Getting his trophy from Coach Joe at the end of the season

Toothless Nick

From several months ago.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Katie's 9th Birthday

Katie at her birthday party at Painted Potter.

Blowing out the candles.

This year's cake. We went simple with an American Girl theme.

Happy 9th Birthday!

Nutcracker 2010

My Little Sentry

Katie and her Rat friend, Nicole

A line-up of Sentries, ready to fight the rats.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

More things

Made these cute baby shoes today.

The fabric came from a friend, and they look absolutely adorable in person.

Not real fond of the raw edges everywhere though.

And made this baby girl outfit some time ago, by taking a store bought pair of leggings and shirt, and adding the ruffled layers to them. Really quick and easy project, and then I added some applique on the shirt to make it match even more.

Quick catchup

My toothless friend.

Playing little league for the Arizona Wildcats

Happy 6th Birthday Nicko!
A birthday full of Legos, Star Wars, and Clone Trooper Cupcakes!

A visit from the cousins. The girls loved each other.

And all of them had a great time celebrating Nick's birthday.

A Lavendar Fairy for Halloween

And Luke Skywalker the Jedi Knight.

And the 2010 Ballunar Festival

On a chilly morning.