Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Picture of Cuteness

How cute is she??
Katie smashed her knee into her mouth last night, thanks to mommy tickling her foot. So this morning we went to the dentist, where she got her first taste of laughing glass and numbing medicine, and they pulled the two top teeth that were barely hanging on. She is now very excited that the tooth fairy has double duty. Plus the dentist put them in a tiny pink treasure chest to put under her pillow.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beach Party

We were lucky enough to be able to attend a birthday party this Saturday down in Galveston. What a perfect day for the beach!!

The weather was mostly cloudy and the temperature was in the mid-70's. PERFECT!!
The kids had a great time collecting shells (We came home with at least several hundred), playing in the sand, and jumping in the water. Even Nicholas loved splashing around in the water, and now that his tubes have fallen out, we didn't have to worry about him getting water in his ears.

For the rest of May, we are reading about the ocean, fish, and all things sea related. The best part was that we went to the huge library book sale before heading to the party, so we now have two field guides, a child's and adult's, to identify shells and sea life.

And on the topic of fish, we have two new house friends.

Meet Sweetie

And Cutie.

And this is what young children do when they want to be creative and they feel their fish need friends. Nicholas aptly named the brown one he colored later, Brownie.


I am here.
I promise.
I may seem absent, but am not absent-minded.


Life is crazy and busy, but I promise pictures and news are coming soon!