Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Favorite Animals

And my absolute favorite animals at the zoo were the 2 very cute spiders that we found just hanging out in a spider web. Aren't they just the most adorable things you have ever seen?

A Trip to the Zoo

And this is how our trip to the zoo began. Not only was I able to slather his body in sunscreen without waking him, but I actually moved him from his carseat to the stroller without even a peep. Of course he later woke up in the dark inside the "Cat House" and was a little bewildered as to where he was and how in the heck he got there. But it only took a few minutes before he was interested in looking at the cats with his sister.

Katie finally got to see her much anticipated swans. She has been dying to see real live swans ever since reading Swan Lake. They were absolutely gorgeous, and much larger than I would have thought. I guess it has been a long time since mommy has seen swans too.

I was most impressed with the polar bears, and I think the kids were too. We never saw polar bears before in Houston, and not only were these guys up and roaming around, but they must have just been fed since they were busy gnawing on some kind of fish or meat still on the bone. A little disgusting but very educational.


Here is definitely a boy who knows he is up to no good.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This Is a Test of the Emergency Broadcast System

This is only a test.

Well, not really.

Shouldn't we, as mothers, come equipped with such a system.

We have all heard the beeping noise on our tvs or radios, where the guy comes on saying, "This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test. In the event of a real emergency..." My thought is that mom's need one of these built in to forewarn their kids that they should take cover and run now before we explode.

I know the pictures show these 2 angelic children looking innocent as can be. But today has just been one of those days. I am still trying to convince Nick that nursing is just not worth it at 20 months old. He has gotten better during the day, and usually goes without, but then nighttime strikes, and I feel under siege. He is so persistent that last night he threw himself into the wall he was so angry that I told him no.

Then today was Katie's ballet class, which was great! She is loving every minute now and making new friends. Two little girls even came up to her at the end and told her that she was their best friend. But then the ride home was a 30 minute discussion on the absolute NEED not to take a nap today, but promise to take one tomorrow. We all know how that goes. Tomorrow comes and the promise is forgotten or taken back. So today, she goes napless, and has decided yelling "Nicko, nicko, bicko" over and over until she gets her brothers attention is much more fun.

The weather is hot, and perfect for swimming, and not nearly as hot as our poor friends in Houston. We also have been blessed with small afternoon thunderstorms versus the 10 inches of unending rain our friends have as well. Hopefully our house will hold up and not float away down there.

We are also lucky to have some of our friends in from Houston for a few days. So Katie is enjoying familiar faces, and can't wait to see them again.

Hope you all survive the weather down there, and for those of you not down there, come on over!!


I told you not to jump on the chair's armrest!

The Little Mermaid

Although she missed her recital, nothing could stop Miss Katie from being a mermaid. Her costume arrived in the mail yesterday, and with much excitement, she promptly put it on and began to dance. Then we went out to buy her new ballet and tap shoes. You would think a mom wouldn't have to hear her daughter say that her toes hurt before buying new shoes, especially ones that she has worn for an entire year. So now she has gone from a 7 and a half to a 9. Better yet was her comment to Daddy that her new ballet shoes have pink on the bottom. Honey, your old ones were once pink on the bottom too.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Houston, we have a HOUSE!

Well here it is. We finally, after over 100+ houses, numerous contracts and counteroffers, and endless debate have a contract on this beautiful house!

While not my first choice, it is a lovely house in a great neighborhood. Loaded with kids. And I mean loaded. It has a 3 car garage, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and 1 half bath, a finished basement that is very nice, and a huge backyard with no fence, so if you combine it with all the adjoining neighbors, it looks like you have a virtual football field.

Katie loved it right away - nothing but toys in the basement. Plus a little boy came by to say hi while we were out in the backyard. It's too early for dating, right??

Nick of course was exhausted and not allowed down while touring the house, so he couldn't have cared less, although he too enjoyed the backyard.

We signed the contract last night around 9P.M. Yes, you read right. Both kids were very well behaved at the office, and we were the last ones there, so it really didn't matter that they were so good. Nick fell asleep on the ride home and Katie went right to bed shortly after. We got a counteroffer this morning and signed the final contract this afternoon. Luckily our realtor is wonderful and brought the contract to our apartment so that we didn't have to go back out anywhere.

So we should, pending no crazy obstacles, have a new home as of July 27th. Can't wait to see you all at our house warming!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Grandma and Nick In a Game of Catch

Grandma and Nick enjoying a good game of catch, or was it basketball?? Either way, it involved balls, so it was all good in my son's eyes. Cars and balls are the ultimate idea of fun for him at 20 months old.

The Fun Has Arrived

Have you seen the Horsie that has come to town?? He answers to the name of Grandpa last I heard.

Grandma and Grandpa have come to visit, and boy are the kids having a blast!! Thank goodness too, since we have been going on an everlasting house hunting trip all week and weekend. The grandparents have spent more than their fair share of time with our Wee Ones, and thankfully we have had a great opportunity to look at lots of houses. So far no luck though.

We made a bid on one that we liked and got rejected. But that turns out to be okay since I wasn't sure about that house anyway. Now we are considering a house we both love, that unfortunately has a yard that slopes up in the back. I call it a yard with possibilities, others call it a yard of problems. It is truly a beautiful house, but I think for now it is on hold until we see what else is out there. Seems like every house we see has a problem somewhere in it. Who put all these hills here anyway?? We love the spectacular views you get as you drive around here. Just don't put the view in my backyard is what it comes down to.

Now the gang has gone out on a trip to Jungle Jims. You past Cincinnatians will know all about it. For those of you who don't, check it out at
I have decided to relax at home and get some much needed resting time.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Boo Boo

Well, my poor son continues to suffer from whatever has been going wrong within his little body. Now it is the diaper rash of the century. It started a little bit on Saturday and has been progressively getting worse. He has the reddest little bottom, and we went out shopping today for his Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Yes, some person out there invented this fabulous brown cream to apply when suffering down there, and named it Boudreaux's Butt Paste. On the baby butt market there are all kinds of products: Johnson's baby powder, Desitin, Balmex, Aveeno, A & D ointment, but the one that works better than the rest - Boudreaux's Butt Paste. How many times can YOU say Boudreaux's Butt Paste in a row? I just like the ring it has to it.

So now at the frequent diaper changes that are needed to keep him clean and dry, we apply Boudreaux's, while our poor little guy yells NOOOOOO! Yes, the whole affair of diaper changing now has him traumatized. He doesn't even like the mention of it. Tonight he got to soak in a nice Aveeno oatmeal bath though, and hopefully it will help the rash to go away soon.

He also has a lovely rash going down his legs, on his tummy, on his arms and on his face, which makes us think that it is very likely that the fever was caused more by Roseola than the ear infection. For now, we will finish off the antibiotic, and hope everything is better in a few days.

In the meantime, you can see he isn't the happiest of campers. Much whining, crying and general tantruming can be witnessed here. Although he was highly amused by the dog's high styling fashion today.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bath Time

Bath Time!
It turns out that not only is our daughter working on being a future ballerina, but she apparently has started a career in the opera too. Daddy and I were treated to quite the concert tonight.
Nicholas on the other hand has finally gotten the idea that you can actually sit down in a bath tub, and that it is quite fun. Now the problem is getting him to come out of the bath. I remember a certain little girl doing this around the same age.
In the meantime, in our crazy life, we are now giving the kids a bath in the apartment bathroom that has a nice 12 inch by 12 inch hole cut in the ceiling.

Oh Dear!

Well, after visiting the second pediatrician in a week, Nicholas has been diagnosed as having an ear infection. So back to antibiotic land we go. And with antibiotics comes the highly encouraged yogurt eating. Luckily this isn't too difficult since it is one of his favorite foods. However as you can see he likes to do it himself. YUM!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Medical Woes

Does it ever end???

It seems that the world of medicine is truly a mystery. Insurance, copays, physicians, prescriptions... what happened to the old Indian healer? I knew there was a reason I wanted to be a doctor early in my college career. To be able to take care of myself and my family!!

Around 2 weeks ago all 4 of us come down with a nasty virus that gives Katie and I sinus infections, and Nick an ear infection. At that time we were still living in Houston and I had a wonderful doctor that really was God's gift to us. She was the best ever and I will be eternally grateful for everything she did for me and the kids while we lived in Texas.

Now Nick has got his ear infection back. How do I know this?? First Mike calls the benefits people and gets enrolled in his medical coverage, but we still have no insurance card (apparently in the medical business this small piece of plastic, and sometimes even paper - is like diamonds and gold). I call on Tuesday, after Nick runs a fever of 102 to get an appointment with a pediatrician. They ask me for all kinds of information I don't have, but eventually grant me the much wanted appointment as long as I promise to pay them in full. Fine with me, just take care of my sick baby. I see a "doctor" who is worthless. Normally I would be kind, but he acted as if I was a crazy mother and there was nothing wrong with my child. Kids just run fevers, and even though his ears were red and full of fluid he was just fine. OK

2 days later and Nick is now spiking a fever up to 103 every night, and if not given Motrin and Tylenol throughout the day, he runs a fever between 101 and 103. He also has broken out in a beautiful red rash from head to toe. He is definately not my usual child and I know something is wrong.

So today I call my beloved doctor in Houston for some advice. Maybe I am just crazy and paranoid. She kindly calls me back, a rarity in her busy practice, and tells me he should definately be seen again. This time I choose a different practice and doctor and do all my prep work. I call the insurance company itself and they give me a temporary id # and all the other info a doctor's office might need. The woman I spoke to was wonderful. I then call the new doctor's office and again speak with a very helpful woman who asks me know questions about insurance virtually and looks up everything herself. It takes around 15 minutes but well worth my time. I arrive at the office and am greeted by a pleasant receptionist who helps out even more. After waiting only another couple minutes we finally see a doctor, not my first choice but one that was available that day, and after hearing Nick's story he checks his ears to find his left one is still infected from 2 weeks ago. He prescribes a stronger antibiotic and sends us on our way.

Stage 2 comes when you go to get the prescription filled. Prescription insurance company is different than medical insurance, so I have no info on this one. While a wonderfully helpful pharmacist calls all over trying to get information, no one can help her and once again we have to pay out of pocket and hope we get our magic card in the next 2 weeks so they can resubmit it. Luckily they give a good discount to AAA members , who knew??

After a long series of exhausting days and conversations with medical personnel, I am beat. I pray we all survive without even a hint of illness until the magic card comes in the mail.

On the "positive" side, Katie had a bloody nose in the middle of the night and bled on every surface of the bed, sheets, mattress pad, pillowcases, pillows and jammies. Luckily since we still put a waterproof mattress pad on her bed, the blood didn't get on her new mattress.

Hurricane season starts today... I think I just lived through the first of many.