Saturday, September 11, 2010

Letter of the Week so far

For "A" we made apple pie. I just picked a simple recipe from my cookbook that I use a lot. I have made many apple pies before. This one ... not so good.

For "B" week we made Birthday Cake Ice-cream Banana Splits. All reviews were thumbs up.

For "C" week we made Clone Trooper Cupcakes and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Some happy kiddos here.

Plans for "D" week ... I picked up a box of beignet mix and we are going to attempt making them. Technically they start with B, but my kids call them doughnuts, thus D it is!

Beach August 2010

A day at the beach in Galveston. Wild waves, that were so loud you couldn't hear anything else. Nick loved jumping in them.

Nicholas, hard at work. He loves to play in the sand and build.

This would be Katie pre-rock falling injury. She was having a great time running around, playing in the sand, and seeing her very first natural hermit crab.
Shortly after, she ran after me towards the big rocks that line the seawall, and sliced up her foot on them. That ended the beach trip. Although she was all up for heading to the candy store in The Strand after we cleaned up the foot and put some bandages on it.