Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Ultimate In 3 Year Old Fashion

The current trend we have seen on the Paris runways this year has been the sporting of the pockets of all pants pulled inside out. While it makes the pants a little less functional, it does make it easier to grab a piece of the one you love.
Also notice, the unzipped fly. This is a newer trend. Only begun in the last month.
Watch for this fashion trend in your neighborhood. It is all the rage!

Happy Birthday to Me

While I am spending my birthday husbandless, I have the promise of seeing him tomorrow for a good vacation, and he managed to leave quite a trail of presents over the last few days.

First was a Hershey gram that is absolutely huge, and made of nothing but dark chocolate. My favorite!!!

Second was a teddy bear that I managed to find a few days ago while I was putting away school things in binders for a house showing.

And lastly, my very favorite gift, was the soundtrack to Grey's Anatomy. Nothing like some good music to make the house a happier place and make life a little more enjoyable.

Thanks to everyone who made birthday phone calls too. It has been a busy day of phone calls from movers, packers, friends, family, and other assorted people. And unfortunately many people have gotten our answering machine since I ran some errands today, and have had a few times I have been home and not heard the phone.

So thank you to all!

Friday, February 22, 2008


When the weather outside looks like this....

The inside looks like this.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Morning Surprise

Kid Projects

As a child, I remember my mother teaching me various skills/ hobbies, which to this day I still do occasionally. She taught me to do needlepoint, and then I branched out and learned to cross-stitch on my own. She taught me to crochet, which I never was very good at, and to knit, which every so often I make a dishcloth. I remember her offering to show me how to sew, but I was a big chicken, and scared of the LOUD sewing machine. It just seemed like a dangerous thing. But since then, as an adult, I have taught myself to sew and quilt. And I love it.

Now I am starting to teach my daughter to do some of the things that I love to do in my leisure time. A few weeks ago, we sewed a small shirt for her webkinz. Not well made, and definately not a work of art, but a start. And yesterday we began this project. It will take us several days to complete, but she is enjoying the idea of sewing, especially with a PLASTIC needle.
And since you can't start a project with one child and not have the other child doing something, Nicholas got some of the Model Magic Fusion, and did his own creating.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Does it mean anything that I completed and filed our federal income taxes on Valentine's Day??

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Half Price Book Finds

I have long loved the DK Eye Wonder series of books. I found a few of them, super cheap at our local half price books over a year ago. They are the absolute perfect science books for young children.

Now I have stumbled upon another DK series that I absolutely love just as much. They are DK Watch Me Grow books. Today at Half Price I got the Bear, Butterfly, and Duckling books. Since we are following the classical curriculum for science, I thought we could do a unit on life cycles with these books. Now if only I can find the Frog book.

I also found a beautiful Margaret Wise Brown book: Bunny's Noisy Book. It was a third of the original price in perfect hardcover condition. It is such a sweet story with beautiful pictures.