Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fairfield Apartment


Need I say more. After living in Texas for 10 years and in a home with real bedrooms, real bathrooms, and just plain old real room... We have moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. While the weather is beautiful and we have seen many nice places, it is very different.

Currently we are staying in a 2 bedroom apartment while we await the sale of our home in Houston. Any takers??? Today we took a couple hours to go house hunting with kids in tow. We went to a few houses that had open house signs outside and were in a neighborhood we had found a nice house before. Funnily enough, an open house sign doesn't seem to necessarily mean the house is open. Three houses in a row, and only one house were we able to walk through. The others had signs leftover we were informed from several weeks ago. Hello????? Remind me not to use that realtor ever. Anyway, we saw several we liked from outer appearances and one we liked, way out of our price range.

Tonight will be a trip to the ice cream place. We found a Carvel while out and about this morning and are planning to go take a taste. Katie has been dying to get in the pool, so I took her there this afternoon and BRRRR!!!! Of course she didn't mind one bit. I can remember begging my parents to go swimming whenever we were near a pool, yet as a parent I find myself saying "not too long, and geez this is really cold, you sure you want to go in?" Could it have been that long ago that I was her size?

Anyway, things are going relatively well and we are enjoying a nice sunny Memorial Day weekend in Ohio.

The kids are surviving apartment life and hopefully we will be in a home soon.


Missy said...

I think you're starting small just so we don't visit too much:)

Christopher said...

Yeah, when I come down I want my own private bathroom!