Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ancient Egypt Come to Life

When you start out building a pyramid as part of a lesson on Ancient Egypt, you will find out how much knowledge has truly been absorbed by your child.

Not only will you have one very large pyramid, but two smaller ones will be built.

Then you will need the "basement" complete with sarcophagus and the pharoah's treasure chest with gold and jewels.

Of course you will need a few palm trees out in the desert. And Bob the Builder and his cat will temporarily become Egyptian citizens.

Later you will want to build the Nile River and after laying down all your blue blocks, will declare that you have nothing more than a "puddle". Definately not enough to constitute a river.

Lastly, you will begin construction on a wall to go around the pyramid. After all, it seems a wall is a very good idea (the Chinese did it) for keeping out the thieves.


Mom of boys said...

I love that!

Anonymous said...

We learn so much by attending your telecommuting class. Today, it is Egypt and the visuals are colorful and educational. Bring on King Tut!