Friday, November 07, 2008

Quilt Show

I was invited to go with a friend to the Houston Quilt Show last Saturday, so I happily accepted the offer and had a wonderful time. We spent about 7 hours browsing up and down aisles of creativity. I find it absolutely astonishing how many people are so talented.

I ended up purchasing a few things.

First was a set of 5 coordinated flannel prints that I intend to turn into 2 baby rag quilts.

Then there were 2 fabrics that I found to make library bags for my kids. They have both been begging for their own library bags, and I thought these would suit them perfectly.

Then I found this cute quilt pattern that looks very simple. Katie is currently sleeping in a butterfly room with a princess comforter. I have been looking for a cute quilt to make for her room, and this seemed perfect. I am just going to do a little modifying with colors and get rid of the cat.

Then there was the elusive quilt. I saw a quilt that I fell in love with. It was absolutely beautiful and they sold a kit there with the fabrics already in with the pattern, but I wanted to finish walking the aisles to see if there was something I liked more. Not having remembered the aisle that it was in, we wandered up and down all 20 aisles a second and third time looking for the quilt, and couldn't find it. Essentially I went home a little disappointed, until while looking up a design I had liked that I knew the name of, I stumbled upon this. How lucky!!! The quilt I had seen at the show, and the kit at the same price. Of course, I ordered it at once, and can't wait until it arrives.

It was an exhausting but fun day! Now lots of projects to keep me busy.

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Anonymous said...

30 years of neckties are available for a Quilt Show. They range from the Kennedy era (narrow) to the Clinton years (wide). Might be a good conversation piece, food stains and all . . . yuk!