Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Am In Love

With fabric.

What is worse, is so is my daughter, and she can't sew yet. She seems to see the beauty of color and have great visions of what she could do with pieces of material. So it looks like we will be starting some sewing projects of her own soon.

But, I fell in love with this fabric line, Maypole by Moda, back several months ago when I went to the quilt show. So after debating and agonizing what would I do with it, I decided to order 3 charm packs and make a quilt of my own design.

Here is one piece of what I got done last night, before the bobbin ran out of thread AGAIN!!! They seriously need to make bigger bobbins.

I can honestly say that there is not one single piece of fabric in this line that I don't love. They are all so bright and beautiful. Now to try to get some more done this week.

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Anonymous said...

I imagine that like all grocery products, bobbin thread length has met the same fate. Keep reducing the size in order to avoid an increase in the price. In another few years the bobbins will allow quilters to sew one square. A good start and I'm amazed at the colors.

Good start! gp-d