Friday, February 27, 2009


We drove down to Galveston yesterday to walk the beach and collect seashells and rocks.

As we were driving, Mike and I were talking about places we would like to go see...the Grand Canyon, Boston, Philadelphia...

Katie piped up in the back: I would like to see Boston Market.

Sadly, her favorite restaurant closed here recently, and apparently it must exist in the actual city of Boston...right?


Anonymous said...

Boston Market (known before 1995 as Boston Chicken), headquartered in Golden, Colorado, is a chain of American fast casual restaurants. Founded in December 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts.

There would be a few encountered during your travels. And at least one in Boston. gp-d

limpingalong said...

LOL Hello neighbor. I live in Katy and our Boston Market has closed and a tiny McDonald's was put in there. I do mean TINY. Hard to find a place to sit and eat. I think they want to be mostly a coffee shop in that location.

Have all Boston Market's closed?

Anonymous said...

In the Chicago area, Boston Market lives . . . at least for now. If the one closed to our home closes, I don't think it would become a McDonalds as there is currently one within a block. gp-d