Monday, December 07, 2009

Katie Birthday #8

Daddy had to run in to work quickly on the morning of Katie's birthday, so I let her open one of her presents that I had bought several months ago. The cute little pink dress that Princess is sporting in the picture, and a matching one for Katie. She is still dying to wear it, but the Houston weather hasn't cooperated yet.
Then when Dad got home, she opened this present. Molly's accessories from American Girl.
And what good are Molly's accessories without MOLLY!!!!!!
She begged and pleaded and cried and saved money for this doll for 6 months. Little did she know that Grandma Cele had sent it several months before.

And Mike and I are officially going into business to compete with Cake Boss Buddy from TLC.
We made this 4 layer monster with marble cake, chocolate frosting in between layers.
Pink vanilla frosting on the outside.
Sprinkles on top.
Jelly Belly jellybeans lining the bottom.
Gummy bears lining the top edge.
And a pretty white Happy Birthday on top.

Oh and don't forget the fudge covered mint oreos polka dotting the sides. Which when I opened the package one was missing even though the inner package was sealed. So we have coupon coming in the mail for a free package.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm good!
Your "bakery" can make my cake anytime. It looks delicious. gp-d