Monday, August 23, 2010

School Year 2010 - 2011

The first day of school has begun!! This year Katie begins 3rd grade, and Nicholas is officially a kindergartener.

So here is a list of what we are doing this year.

Katie - 3rd grade
Math - We are using Teaching Textbooks 4. I like the fact that it is more hands-off for me, and that it is visual, auditory, and tactile. Plus it gives her instant feedback. I think she enjoyed doing math on the computer, and it made her feel more grown-up.

Reading - We are continuing with Sonlight 2 Advanced. Even though she reads well above grade level, Sonlight's list of books is also above grade level in general. So most of the books would be considered at least 3rd grade, plus they are such fabulous books for this level. I didn't want her to miss out on them. Plus we are continuing on with Wordly Wise and doing book 3.

Language - We are doing a combination of Sonlight language arts, and Voyages in English 3. I had the Voyages already, and I really like the way it is laid out.

Spelling - Continuing to go along with Spelling Power. Worked well last year, doesn't take much time, and makes so much more sense than other spelling programs, that make you practice the words you already know.

Handwriting - We have mostly abandoned this, but will continue one day of cursive each week, and then the Sonlight copywork is also being done in cursive this year to give her more practice.

Science - Attempting something new with Noeo Physics 1. Looks easy and fun, and I think will fit both kids well. Plus we added in a Lego Simple Machines set.

History - Continuing on with American History from last year. We are starting with a Native American study, and then moving on with Lewis and Clark, and Westward Expansion. Most of the reading follows Elizabeth Foss' ideas.

Religion / Art- Liked Seton last year, and so continuing this year with Seton 3. Also going to do a saint study to go along with Elizabeth Foss' Alphabet Path that Nicholas will be doing some of. Plus we will be doing some art projects that go along with the flower fairies and saints. I think this will be a lot of fun for both of them, and give us something to look forward to each week.

Nicholas - Kindergarten
Math - Finishing up Horizons Kindergarten Book 2. Then we will continue on with Horizons 1.

Reading - Finishing up Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten and Primary Phonics. Then we will continue with Sonlight 1 starting in November. Lots of sight words. And of course Explode the Code once we start the Sonlight.

Spelling - Sonlight 1's spelling words once we start that.

Handwriting - D'Nealian Kindergarten and 1st grade.

History and Science will be the same as Katie's.

Religion - We will be following the Alphabet Path from Elizabeth Foss, and using the saints as a starting point, along with some good coloring books, and the Everyday Children's Bible.

Hoping to update more as we go along this year.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a bell that is rung to indicate that school is starting?

It is going to be a busy school year.

Ring, rang, rung!