Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What's Been Hanging Out at Our House

This very cute baby bunny came to visit our front steps a few days ago. He stayed for at least 5 minutes, giving the kids plenty of time to watch him.

Then this little guy, who Katie named Caterpillar, came to spend the night with us in an apple juice container. He is an Eastern Tent Caterpillar, and seems to have many, many, many, many relatives in the area. We are currently plucking them from the garden, off our feet, off our steps, and anywhere else they are found. I am assuming it must be time for him to change into a moth, since from our reading we found they begin to wander away from their tents when it is time to form their chrysalis.

This particular little guy played possum the morning after we kept him, and thinking he was dead, we went to release him out by the trees. The minute he hit the dirt, he started crawling. So the kids happily carted him around the yard to various places until they got busy doing something else.

And this little guy decided that it would be fun to take his little friend for a ride in Katie's Barbie car. So at least one caterpillar out there has felt the cool breeze of driving in a convertible at 5 mph. How many caterpillars can tell their friends about that??

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Granny B. said...

Great story! I'm happy amd proud to see K. and N. are little biologists in the making!! God's creatures all deserve respect and a "Barbie Car" ride at least once.