Thursday, June 07, 2007


We took a quick trip on Sunday to the Krohn Conservatory to see the 2007 Butterfly Show entitled Out Of Africa.
Here are a few pictures:

This was the first guy to greet us, or rather to greet Nicholas' shoe. I believe it was a blue Morpho. Nick was less than appreciative, and luckily this guy managed to escape with his life, thanks to one fearless mother who plucked him gently from the shoe. Katie was enthralled by the eyespots, especially after learning all about them from the Magic School Bus. She didn't like how her brother got "attacked" though and spent the rest of the time fairly apprehensive.

This is how the Morpho looks on the flip side. They were huge, but beautiful. More like holding a grasshopper on your finger than a butterfly!!

I believe this is a Julia butterfly. Very small and orange to match the marigolds it liked to fly among. One even managed to land on Grandpa's hat.

And the family of 4 once more.

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betty said...

LOVE the butterflies!

What a beautiful little family you have!