Saturday, June 02, 2007

Garden On the Run

While I am still having a small battle with the rabbits/ deer (not sure which anymore, although I still think it is predominantly rabbits), they are being better controlled with bloodmeal. I tried planting lavender, I tried deer scram which you put surrounding your garden about 18 inches away from the plants, I tried garlic powder and cayenne pepper, and finally I tried the bloodmeal. It seems to be working, and after doing some light research on it, I decided it was safe enough.

So here are the pictures:

Zucchini with basil to the leftCorn

Partially eaten corn


Green Beans






Snapdragons are back in bloom

And so are the Verbena


Mom to Four said...

Looks like you are finally having success. Everything looks healthy and beautiful - except for the half eaten corn, that is.

mom-in-training said...

It all looks wonderful! Are you having much luck with your strawberries? We planted one strawberry plant - Nathan actually picked it to plant. And sadly, all it has produced are tiny stubs for strawberries that ripened way too quickly. So sad. But everything in your garden looks great and your flowers are lovely!

Crafty Mom said...

Our strawberries are growing well. We aren't getting many berries but technically you are supposed to pull them before they even start to grow into berries the first year to get a big crop the next year. But they are vining out and planting more plants, and I left them plenty of room to multiply. I think the rabbits may be stealing the berries as well. I also have a problem with the leaves turning brown on some of the plants. Not sure why??

Anonymous said...

Garden: Looking good! As a last resort you can always buy 16" wire fencing that comes in rolls to restrict the rabbits. ....d.

Anonymous said...

Your flowers and veggies look much better and now all you have to do is keep the weeds under control. Rabbits will still eat any new growth coming up from the ground. Keep up with the Blood Meal and soon they will look for someones garden with newly planted plants. Your flowers really are looking super! Really love the way your yard looks. Good Luck to my daughter the gardner.