Thursday, July 26, 2007

Garden Gone Wild

While we have been exceptionally happy with the growth of our garden, and in most cases the success, our tomatoes have now taken over.

These are pictures from a week or so ago. The flowers have been looking wonderful, but some have now been buried by the tomatoes that have fallen over. They are absolutely HUGE!

And although we have been heavily infested by striped and spotted cucumber bugs, ruining our zucchini, and cucumbers, we are hoping they do not destroy our watermelon plant fully.
To give you some perspective, the watermelon is currently at half the size of the retaining wall stone. So it has doubled in size from this picture.

And my snapdragons are huge, but being invaded by tomatoes as well.


mom-in-training said...

The flowers are so beautiful! I just love all of the colors. And I understand about the tomato plants, though thankfully mine are separate from my fowerbeds. But they are taking over the entire garden. And sadly, the tomatoes are no longer surviving to full ripening. Either they are getting eaten by something, or they are just rotting from the heat. Either way, no more edible tomatoes for us!

Celeste said...

Kris, these photos make me drool. Our gardens/beds look pitiful. I was out there cleaning them up this morning. All the rain has just not been good for them.

Everything looks gorgeous!