Monday, July 30, 2007

Scholastic Warehouse Sale

Did somebody say book sale?? Better yet did somebody say Scholastic Warehouse Sale??
This past Wednesday, I managed with the help of a wonderful neighbor, who watched my kids, to go to the Scholastic book sale. While it wasn't everything I had dreamt it to be, it was pretty darn good. I now can only wait for their winter sale which is supposed to be much larger.

Anyway, everything was 50% OFF or MORE!!! Many items were 50 cents to $1. So this is what I came away with.

Coloring and Activity books

Books for pure enjoyment and practicing reading.

Books for our school year.

Books for Nicholas

Monster books for school. The first a Kingfisher Encyclopedia and the second a book that at one time I had two copies of, but have since given one to Celeste and lost the other in our move.

And a puzzle. I wish they would have had more puzzles since that is what I have been looking for lately.

And I won't bother telling you what I paid for all of this, since I also had a $10 off coupon, and these book would probably retail for several hundred dollars. Let's just say it was dirt cheap.


Celeste said...

I am so jealous. And, yes, don't tell me what it cost. I'd probably cry.

We have several of these. I love the joan of Arc book. And Andrew loved that find it car and truck book from the library.

I missed the warehouse sale here. I'll have to go next time.

mom-in-training said...

WOW! I am jealous, too! What wonderful finds. Thanks to Celeste (and it's a good thing :) ), I am definitely hooked on book-finding. I love going anywhere I might find a good deal on a great book. Sadly, I have recently spent way more than I probably should have at Half-Price... I'm just not patient enough to wait for the really big sales!

Jill said...

There is a Scholastic warehouse right by our house. Back when I was a children's librarian before I had kids, I got in on the 'librarian and teacher' special deal days. I bought so many stacks of books it was crazy. And I had no kids yet! I haven't been back since. And, I'm wondering if that's a good thing. :)