Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Aquarium & Friends

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of entertaining and visiting with Nicholas' godmother and children. Since she was a high school friend of mine, and a college friend of Mike's it was a wonderful visit.

While she was here we tackled the nearby aquarium, and when I say nearby, I mean in a whole different state, Kentucky. Of course it is only a minute over the Ohio border but it did make Katie wonder how we were traveling to another state just for an aquarium.

I liked how the aquarium was layed out in general. You are basically on a one-way path that leads you to every part of the aquarium that there is to visit, ending in the gift shop. Where else? They did not allow strollers though, making it a journey of keeping track of 5 small children. But after going through on a very crowded day, I understand why they don't allow strollers in the summer. It was packed. But we did have fun and got some cute pictures.

And no, that is not a fish, but one of the many divers that were cleaning the shark tanks. This particular funny guy, played a cute game with Nicholas of can you touch my hand.

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mom-in-training said...

How fun! Nicholas looks like he was having a great time with that diver. We may have to check out this place - I imagine we pass right by it when we take our trips to Ohio. What is the name of the place?