Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sleep Please!!!!!

I know it is just a phase. Katie did the same thing. But I am about to go insane.

I now have a 2 year old who desperately needs a nap, but refuses to take one. He plays in his room. He lays on the floor, peeking out of the crack at the bottom. He rocks in the rocking chair in there. He comes out the door every 15 to 20 minutes.

His eyes are droopy. He is crabby and whiny. But he refuses to give in, and I can not get him to sleep unless I lay with him for almost an hour. I don't have that kind of time.

We are experiencing the same delight at night basically. He has a hard time falling asleep, then wakes up sometime during the night, whimpering, "I'm hungry mama", "Go downstairs". ARGH!!!

I promise I am feeding the boy a snack right before bed, and he is eating, but for whatever reason, he has gotten it in his little head that nighttime is get up and eat time. The only night he got food was the rice krispie night.

To my crafting friends who remember the early history of baby Nicholas, any ideas? I think I am ready to try a baby gate at the door, but I am pretty sure he can climb over it. And I won't lock him in. I am starting to go crazy, and with school starting next week, we need to try to get past this phase quickly.


mom-in-training said...

Actually... I have to admit that I am guilty of "locking in". We used to put the baby door knob thing on the door so that they couldn't open it. Then I'd put a monitor in the room so I could keep tabs on what is going on - you could even do the video monitor if you prefer. Actually, the door knob thing is finally off now, but we still have a monitor in there at night so I can hear if they need me and meet up with them before they come charging into our room and wake Amy.

We used it when Nathan was still getting used to sleeping in there with Alex. Is was like a game to him to keep running out of the room every time we'd leave. Finally we just put the lock on the door. But of course, we would lie down with him many nights until he'd fall asleep and then sneak out. But I wouldn't lie down with him for naps... Eventually if they are tired enough, they'll nap (even if it's on the floor in front of the door).

I wish I could give you some better advice, but I think with each child it is different; different methods work for different children. But just know - I DO understand what you are going through... I think that is partly why we still have Amy in our bed; just not quite ready to go through that again!

Celeste said...

Yep. You are nicer than I am. I have a baby door lock thing on the inside of their bedroom door too. Not for Jacob and Nicole, but for Andrew. Especially at nap time, I do not want him playing the get up and walk out game. I do not have the energy for that. He goes to sleep. And of course like Robin I put on the monitor. It is not cruel, but you have to do what is right for you. He defnitiely needs the sleep. Good luck!

Did you ever get my quilting email?

Uncle Doug said...

I'll take him for a week! We'll play football, baseball and of course GOLF! He'll be so tired, he'll be glad to come home and go to sleep!

-Uncle Doug

BigBroInLaw said...

I'll tell ya, with the Jakester - when he's so over tired that he won't settle down to nap - I shut the blinds, turn on the small desk lamp, put on Mozart, and give him a few made in China Matchbox cars to play with in his crib: "only if he lies down and plays quietly". Within 10 minutes he's out cold.

Oh yeah, also I suck out all of the oxygen in his room with these 2 little high flow vacuum pumps I bought on EBAY.

Auntie Lisa said...

I have yet to experience anything of this magnitude with Dayna-girl but there have been times when she cries and cries because she insists she is not ready for the crib yet (of course during the whole course of things she is yawning, droopy-eyed and falling down). We have found that you can let her cry for a few minutes, then gently insist she lie down (you may have to repeat step two several times till she gets the idea we aren't letting her up) OR you may want to start baby signing with Nick, especially the song "If you are happy and you know it Clap your hands" on the Playtime tape. The second stanza says, "If you are tired and you know it go to bed (sleep)"... Believe it or not, I have used this in a quiet soothing voice to Dayna and she definitely knows what I am indicating. I get less resistence because she then recognizes she is tired and therefore maybe bedtime isn't so bad... Just a thought. I still get some "No" responses when I say are you tired so it isn't a sure thing but like you, I don't think I can resort to locking her in her room ever.
Good luck Mommy.