Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

While I am spending my birthday husbandless, I have the promise of seeing him tomorrow for a good vacation, and he managed to leave quite a trail of presents over the last few days.

First was a Hershey gram that is absolutely huge, and made of nothing but dark chocolate. My favorite!!!

Second was a teddy bear that I managed to find a few days ago while I was putting away school things in binders for a house showing.

And lastly, my very favorite gift, was the soundtrack to Grey's Anatomy. Nothing like some good music to make the house a happier place and make life a little more enjoyable.

Thanks to everyone who made birthday phone calls too. It has been a busy day of phone calls from movers, packers, friends, family, and other assorted people. And unfortunately many people have gotten our answering machine since I ran some errands today, and have had a few times I have been home and not heard the phone.

So thank you to all!

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BigBroInLaw said...

Happy Birthday, Kristine!!

Hubby, I'm sure, wishes he was there.