Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kid Projects

As a child, I remember my mother teaching me various skills/ hobbies, which to this day I still do occasionally. She taught me to do needlepoint, and then I branched out and learned to cross-stitch on my own. She taught me to crochet, which I never was very good at, and to knit, which every so often I make a dishcloth. I remember her offering to show me how to sew, but I was a big chicken, and scared of the LOUD sewing machine. It just seemed like a dangerous thing. But since then, as an adult, I have taught myself to sew and quilt. And I love it.

Now I am starting to teach my daughter to do some of the things that I love to do in my leisure time. A few weeks ago, we sewed a small shirt for her webkinz. Not well made, and definately not a work of art, but a start. And yesterday we began this project. It will take us several days to complete, but she is enjoying the idea of sewing, especially with a PLASTIC needle.
And since you can't start a project with one child and not have the other child doing something, Nicholas got some of the Model Magic Fusion, and did his own creating.

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Anonymous said...

You would not believe that I was going to buy that same butterfly needlepoint for Katie but changed my mind because I did not know if we would see you before you go to Tx. Now I have beads and elastic string to string beeds for both childred. Your daughter wants to know how to knit so we will teach her. Good job Mom