Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Soon-to-Be New Home

Hopefully, if all goes as planned, this will be our new home in 16 days.
I say hopefully, because things have not gone as planned for us lately.
Let's begin with the lovely company of Citibank that will be hearing from me in a letter very soon. I called them a week prior to our Ohio house closing to have them send a payoff amount to the title company. They told me that they were working on it. I called back or emailed every day after, with the response of they were working on it.
The Monday before closing, I called once more, to hear them tell me that they couldn't fax it to the title company because Citibank only faxes to 1-800 or 1-866 numbers. They could fax it to the local Citibank branch that is 5 minutes away, but they couldn't do it that day since the bank would be closing at 4 and it was 3:15 and the fax would take 1 to 4 hours.
I called back Tuesday morning, the day before closing, and get another woman on the phone, who tells me I have to call a touchtone system to request the payoff amount be sent. I tell her that I have been dealing with this nonsense for a week now, and I want her to do it, since tomorrow would be our closing and I wanted to make sure it got done. She says she can't do it, and I have to use the touchtone system. I tell her fine and get transferred to the touchtone system.
After pressing 1 over and over and over again, making my way through the automatic system, I finally get a voice recording stating that Citibank WILL NOT fax to a 1-800 number. OKAY!! Then why hadn't anyone ever faxed the payoff last week, and why did the woman yesterday tell me it could ONLY go to a 1-800 number, and that is why it hadn't been done???????
I typed in the regular number for the title company to see if it would work, and the recorded voice told me the same story of it would take 1 to 4 hours to be processed. Then 30 seconds later, I kid you not, the title company lady that I had been working with calls to say she just received the payoff info.
Because of the delays by Citibank, I had to overnight the signed and notarized papers to the title company, which cost me $40. And we almost didn't close as scheduled on the house, which would have cost us more money.
They will be receiving a lovely letter with my receipts for overnight postage, and a complaint. Well, two complaints actually. They also charged us $25 to fax a one page document. Obviously, no fax costs $25 to send for 1 page, and the fact that they made me fight them for a full week, is not worth the $25 they charged.
Okay, I think I am done ranting. I feel moderately better now.
More pictures will come in 3 weeks or so of the inside of the house above.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Citibank's response about what they can and can't do in the faxing arena is pure incompetence. It appears someone doesn't want to stay one minute passed quitting time. In this day and age, fax machines run unattended unless the power is disrupted.

Citibank's top management continues to be more interested in buttering their bread than taking good care of the customer. GP-D

uncle doug said...

HOLY CRAP! Is NASA or USA hiring????
Hope all goes well!!Nice house!!