Monday, July 28, 2008

The Big Girl Skirt

And here is the big girl matching skirt to the American Girl one I made last week.
It came out pretty well despite some bad measurement instructions in the pattern. Now I have an idea how to fix it, and hopefully I will have some time soon to try again.
Even so, Katie loves it, and it fits.


mom-in-training said...

How cute!!! Good job! And you should be proud of yourself for not only finishing the first project you started on quilting/craft night, but then you began and finished this "big girl" version, too. I'm impressed!

I'm bad about beginning a project on craft night, but then I put it aside pretty much until the next craft night. ;) I can honestly say, however, that I spent several hours working on my bags yesterday. Maybe I'll actually finish the things without procrastinating until the last minute this time! :)

Anonymous said...

How about a picture of the Big Girl in her pretty new skirt? Looks like some cowgirl boots would fit in just right, too!

Anonymous said...

Are the "girls" preparing for line dancing? The quality looking dresses are worthy of rack assignment in the Liz Claiborne section. I'm sure more photos will be coming when they attend their next event? ? ? ....GP-D

P.S. Want a design and sewing job at the American Girl store? They are planning to move to a larger facility on Chicago's Michigan Ave.