Monday, August 25, 2008

Being Optimistic

Whoever says there are NO change of seasons in Texas is wrong!

First of all there is the hot season. Weather is sunny and warm, but not intolerable.

Then we have the humid season. This comes after the hot season, making it very hot and humid so that every time you go outside, you come in drenching wet. No need for a shower here.

Then there is our current season...the mosquito season. This comes with hot, humid, rainy weather. It provides for ample time inside with one's family. Don't bother going outside, unless you want to donate a pint of blood. Better yet, just don't go outside and donate your blood to a blood bank where it would actually go to good use.

The final season of course is the nice weather season. This comes with beautiful sunny days, where you can go outside and not feel exhausted, eaten, or drenched.

Since we are in the mosquito season right now, I am looking optimistically towards the nice weather season that comes next.

1 comment:

mom-in-training said...

I hear ya! Of course, that mosquito season seems to last the longest... Do we ever move fully out of that one?!? :)