Monday, August 04, 2008

Eduoard?? Watching and Waiting

For all of you concerned as to our plans for Eduoard, we are planning to stay here for now. It is supposed to be here starting tonight and then all day tomorrow. Rain and winds up to 60 mph are forecasted. But really not that bad I don't think. By Thursday we are supposed to be dry and sunny.

Looking outside now at the crystal blue sky, and the stagnant air that is oh so humid, you can see why in 1900 Galvestonians had no clue that something big was on the way. It truly is a beautiful albeit humid day.

So pray that our power stays on, and that this thing doesn't strengthen and all should be well.

On the menu tonight:
Sirloin steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and some variety of the summer fruit stashed in the fridge. Then banana chocolate chip muffins for dessert.
(Should the power go out, I wouldn't want the steak to go to waste, and the rotting bananas need to be turned into something delectable today.)


mom-in-training said...

At least your "trying to finish off the frozen stuff" meal sounds appetizing (actually, it sounds quite delicious!!!)! On our menu? Chicken nuggets and popsicles. No, I'm kidding... about the popcicles, anyway. :) We've been eating whatever we can from the freezer today just in case we lose power, which we more than likely will (I hear it's common in my neighborhood).

Good luck! :)

uncle doug said...

Can I come over for dinner? I have no food in my house so I'd be perfect for living in bad weather! Sounds like Mike and I could go golfing and get in some really long drives!

I'm praying for you guys!