Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

We successfully made it through another Christmas.
The battery on my camera, of course, ran out after just a few pictures so this is all there is.
Katie got a new Barbie house made by Daddy, and some calico critters, along with many other favorites.
Nicholas got a doghouse for Scraper made by Daddy, a batman helicopter and batcave, along with some glowsticks from my cousin that he absolutely loves.
We had a delicious dinner of baked ham, cheese potatoes, and salad. While the kids at leftover spaghetti. Since they insist they don't like ham, I figured leftover spaghetti worked just fine.
We have spent a lovely holiday playing outdoors and enjoying lots of games together.
Although no Christmas cards were sent this year, we did have professional portraits of the kids taken and pictures will be arriving in a mailbox near you very soon.
Be on the lookout!
They are so cute that you might fall over!


Anonymous said...

Nice balloon construction on Katie's dollhouse! When will the carpets be installed?

Happy New Year y'all.


Anonymous said...

Well we got our pictures and also some extras for J&E that are truly winners. I can't believe how they are sitting so quiet. I can't wait to hang up the new pictures because they are the best yet.