Friday, December 19, 2008

Gingerbread Construction

Every year we help the kids to construct a gingerbread something or other. One year it was a train, and then houses. This year, Katie got a gingerbread house kit as a present, and I bought Nicholas the gingerbread tree at Michael's. They really had a good time making, and tasting their creations.

Katie and her partially finished house. This one was neat since it came with a tray to help build and stabilize the house. But the premixed frosting wasn't as good.

Nicholas and Dad hard at work on his tree. This was super easy. Stacking one star upon the next in order of biggest to smallest. Nick could do most of the work himself. And it was extra tasty too.

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mom-in-training said...

How cute and what fun! We are going to attempt it this year, too. I had considered making my own gingerbread and icing, but that was beginning to worry me since I've never done that before. Thankfully, my sweet neighbor gave us a kit last night, which will be so much easier. We're also more likely to actually do it now. ;)