Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nicholas Plays T-ball

We first experienced our city t-ball with Katie when she was 3. To this day she is great friends with a girl that she met there. She had a phenomenal coach, and although t-ball wasn't her "thing", she did have fun testing it out.

Now it is Nicholas' turn. We signed him up this past fall to play, but it got cancelled due to the hurricane, and subsequent destruction of the park they were to play their games. So I resigned him up this spring, and so far he is having a good time.

His team is called the Marlins, and he enjoys being part of the guys, with a few girls thrown into the mix.

Here he is playing defense.

And finally getting to catch the ball.


Anonymous said...

Nick sure looks good in his uniform. Nice to see the action photos. gp-d

Anonymous said...

I see Scraper made it to the official photo op (see left hand).

mom-in-training said...

I have to say he does make a cute ball player. :) And in the photos it looks like he was really into the game and really having a good time!