Friday, May 15, 2009

Until September

I am without my favorite show now until September. I was a mean mama last night who refused to put my children to bed and read to them, instead making Daddy do it. They were not happy!

But I got to mostly enjoy the 2 hour Grey's Anatomy season finale by myself. And mostly I did enjoy. And now for my 2 favorite moments of last night.

For once a show totally surprised me. I had no idea that it was George who was the John Doe. And the way it was revealed, it was even more incredible.

And then I love the Meredith/ Derek wedding on a post-it. Especially the vows.
1. To love each other, even when we hate each other.
2. No running away
3. And to take care of each other even when we are old, smelly, and senile.

Isn't that what marriage is?? To take the good, bad, and ugly and stay together no matter what??

I know that I am very lucky. I have a husband who loves me all the time, or at least 99% of the time. And I love him back. I know he is always going to be there. And as for the old, smelly, and senile part....I'm sure our marriage would stay just as strong. But luckily that is a long way off.

So here is hoping your marriage is as wonderful as mine, and that you too will cherish each moment you have together.

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Anonymous said...

I guess I was the only one that thought it was George at the end. Who else would it be? The mother of the one that watched that show from the beginning.