Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our New Pet

We seem to have added a rabbit to our household. When I built the garden here I thought for sure I wouldn't have the problem of rabbits and deer that I had in Ohio. After all, we never see rabbits here. And I mean NEVER!
But look who hangs out at our house all the time these days. The kids named him Nibbles, and then this past weekend we found he has a friend, who we have called Bits.
Get it?? Nibbles and Bits!!

Anyway, my thought has been that there is more than enough in the garden to share with our little friends, and while I try to deter them, I am not going to go all out to get rid of them. Primarily they eat our lettuce which we found bitter to begin with, and they like to eat down my pepper plants, which makes me a little angry. But they don't touch the cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans or cantaloupe.

So here is a picture of Nibbles lounging outside our bedroom window.

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mom-in-training said...

How cute! I know it's a little frustrating having a visitor eating up all your garden vegetables, but he's so adorable. :)