Monday, May 03, 2010

Carrie's quilt

I knew there was a reason I haven't been blogging in a long time. Blogger has changed their picture loading and placement abilities and I can't figure it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here is my beloved pink and brown quilt that I made for a dear friend's new baby girl.

I am very tempted to take it back every time I see it.
And on the back is this beautiful floral designed minkee type fabric. It is oh so soft!


Cecilia said...

You should make one for yourself because that is about as beautiful as you could possibly make it. I love it also you are just so very good a picking just the right material and the backing. Mom

Anonymous said...

Elle has been playing on her quilt everyday! It is so pretty and extra special because it was made by YOU. Thank you!