Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This Is a Test of the Emergency Broadcast System

This is only a test.

Well, not really.

Shouldn't we, as mothers, come equipped with such a system.

We have all heard the beeping noise on our tvs or radios, where the guy comes on saying, "This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test. In the event of a real emergency..." My thought is that mom's need one of these built in to forewarn their kids that they should take cover and run now before we explode.

I know the pictures show these 2 angelic children looking innocent as can be. But today has just been one of those days. I am still trying to convince Nick that nursing is just not worth it at 20 months old. He has gotten better during the day, and usually goes without, but then nighttime strikes, and I feel under siege. He is so persistent that last night he threw himself into the wall he was so angry that I told him no.

Then today was Katie's ballet class, which was great! She is loving every minute now and making new friends. Two little girls even came up to her at the end and told her that she was their best friend. But then the ride home was a 30 minute discussion on the absolute NEED not to take a nap today, but promise to take one tomorrow. We all know how that goes. Tomorrow comes and the promise is forgotten or taken back. So today, she goes napless, and has decided yelling "Nicko, nicko, bicko" over and over until she gets her brothers attention is much more fun.

The weather is hot, and perfect for swimming, and not nearly as hot as our poor friends in Houston. We also have been blessed with small afternoon thunderstorms versus the 10 inches of unending rain our friends have as well. Hopefully our house will hold up and not float away down there.

We are also lucky to have some of our friends in from Houston for a few days. So Katie is enjoying familiar faces, and can't wait to see them again.

Hope you all survive the weather down there, and for those of you not down there, come on over!!

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Brother Chris said...

Wow on the house!!! Good Luck, I can't wait to see it in person! Mike, time to get a ride-on lawn mower!!

Keep up the cool blogging Kris!

And for my two cents, I always knew breastfeeding was not worth the trouble!