Saturday, June 17, 2006

Houston, we have a HOUSE!

Well here it is. We finally, after over 100+ houses, numerous contracts and counteroffers, and endless debate have a contract on this beautiful house!

While not my first choice, it is a lovely house in a great neighborhood. Loaded with kids. And I mean loaded. It has a 3 car garage, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and 1 half bath, a finished basement that is very nice, and a huge backyard with no fence, so if you combine it with all the adjoining neighbors, it looks like you have a virtual football field.

Katie loved it right away - nothing but toys in the basement. Plus a little boy came by to say hi while we were out in the backyard. It's too early for dating, right??

Nick of course was exhausted and not allowed down while touring the house, so he couldn't have cared less, although he too enjoyed the backyard.

We signed the contract last night around 9P.M. Yes, you read right. Both kids were very well behaved at the office, and we were the last ones there, so it really didn't matter that they were so good. Nick fell asleep on the ride home and Katie went right to bed shortly after. We got a counteroffer this morning and signed the final contract this afternoon. Luckily our realtor is wonderful and brought the contract to our apartment so that we didn't have to go back out anywhere.

So we should, pending no crazy obstacles, have a new home as of July 27th. Can't wait to see you all at our house warming!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We'll see you soon.....EMB

Susan Powers said...

Congratulations. The house looks awesome. We saw Uncle John and Aunt Eileen this past weekend, they had lots of wonderful pictures from their time with you. Nicholas looks so much like Michael it's amazing. Katie is growing up sooooooooooooo fast she is beautiful. Hope to see you all soon
Love Susan

Kaplan said...

Wow - Mike better get Nick going on a motor-driven lawnmower. That is a beauty of a house. Good luck in it and hope we will all be able to see it in person someday soon.

Love, Aunt Lisa et. al