Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Trip to the Zoo

And this is how our trip to the zoo began. Not only was I able to slather his body in sunscreen without waking him, but I actually moved him from his carseat to the stroller without even a peep. Of course he later woke up in the dark inside the "Cat House" and was a little bewildered as to where he was and how in the heck he got there. But it only took a few minutes before he was interested in looking at the cats with his sister.

Katie finally got to see her much anticipated swans. She has been dying to see real live swans ever since reading Swan Lake. They were absolutely gorgeous, and much larger than I would have thought. I guess it has been a long time since mommy has seen swans too.

I was most impressed with the polar bears, and I think the kids were too. We never saw polar bears before in Houston, and not only were these guys up and roaming around, but they must have just been fed since they were busy gnawing on some kind of fish or meat still on the bone. A little disgusting but very educational.

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