Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Can We Be Cloned?

Continuing on from the previous entry.

It is now 2 hours later. Both children have napped, which has done truly AMAZING things to their dispositions! While they napped, I:

*Talked to another chimney company about doing the work.
*Talked to our realtor in Houston twice about missing invoices from air-conditioning company and what to do about chimney
*Found out the buyers of our Houston home are closing today between 2 and 3 and we should have paperwork to close by this evening.
*Talked to realtor in Cincinnati to find out how to go about closing here on Houston house, and getting possible power of attorney so that I can still be at the house when the movers come.
*Talked to title agency about paperwork being notarized and possible power of attorney.

Somehow, 1 Mike needs to be at work tomorrow and at the closing, and 1 Kris needs to be at the house for the movers and at the closing. Excuse me, but I didn't realize that there were 2 of each of us.

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BiGBro in Law said...

Ahh, you know what I did yesterday - I watched a marathon of "The A-Team" on cable. Never even put on any pants the whole day. Yup, just lounged around in my skivvies. -CB