Saturday, August 19, 2006

No More Apartment!!

Today was the last day of the apartment lease and we happily said goodbye and good riddance. Not only did we arrive yesterday to move out the rest of our stuff and find a good assortment of crickets and other little creatures, we also found the ceiling above the toilet had developed the same old water leak and fallen onto the floor. Yes, bits of ceiling and whatever else is up there, plus a good amount of water was all over. Needless to say, I told our apartment people that I happily cleaned the rest of the apartment but that bathroom is their job. It was a mess!!!

So now with just a house on our plate. Yes, just ONE house. We are very busy with our 8 thousand projects: Finishing Katie's room, Finishing our room, Painting the living room, organizing til kingdom come, etc.

For those of you wishing to see a bit of the house, here you go. It ain't pretty folks, but I'll explain why further on.

For whatever reason, we have had a multitude of things go wrong since beginning to move in to this house. From a small condensation issue in the basement to a very large electrical issue that took out power to half the house. Next came the cable people who when installing our basement cable said that the previous owners had done it themselves; therefore, it needed to be redone by them (at a small cost of course). Then the cable went out for 3 days and it took talking to 4 different customer service reps before a WOMAN, yes, I said WOMAN, answered the problem and fixed it over the phone in about 5 minutes. Of course, we also had the short lived attack of the Ohio flu, that struck with a vengeance on Monday night and Tuesday, wiping out Katie and Mike within 7 hours of each other. So all our little projects and unpacking have been overtaken by other projects and things aren't getting done as fast as one would hope.

Then today it was this little fiasco.
We finally had finished replacing the closet shelving after painting the closet, and this morning it landed in a heap at the back of the closet. From downstairs I heard," I didn't do it." Katie apparently got to witness the event or at least see the aftermath, and wanted all to be sure that she was innocent.

What next you may ask. That is a very good question, and one that we are pondering even now. The electrician comes on Tuesday to fix our meter and wiring, maybe he'll manage to break a water main or something to give us some more joy. It is becoming more and more comical as the days go by though. Some things are just not worth the frustration, but are definately worth a good laugh.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you asked for a rebate on your cable downtime. You are entitled to it. ......d.