Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dance Mania

I am crazy, but at least I know it. I have watched faithfully (when not putting the kids to bed) Dancing with the Stars for all 3 seasons now. I love it!! I am addicted! I will even go so far as to let Katie stay up late and watch with me, just so I don't have to miss part to put her to bed. Luckily for me, she loves the show too, and wants to grow up to be a dancer.

But maybe the obsession has gone too far. Now I have 2 tickets to the Dancing with the Stars Tour when it comes to Cincinnati. I bought 2 the first day they went on sale, and have grand hopes that a good friend will come in for the night and go with me. If not I will find a neighbor to go, or even Katie. I didn't care at the time who I would be going with, just the thrill of watching the show is enough for me.


mom-in-training said...

You are definitely not alone in your obsession! :) Okay, I guess I'm not fully obsessed with watching it, but I sure love to when I can. I have missed much of the show on Tuesdays because of it happening during bedtime routine and then I miss the Wednesday airing of who got voted off each week because I teach at my church Wednesday nights. But my mom is a devoted viewer and I call her each Wed. on my way home to hear the outcome. And I try to vote on Tuesday nights (Go Mario!!!). I envy your tickets to the show. How fun!!!!

Crafty Mom said...

I guess I am not that obsessed since I forgot that I don't vote. I never remember since after the show is bedtime with Katie if I let her stay up or getting other housework done. Luckily, being on the east coast Tuesday night is on until 9:30 so I almost always catch the end.