Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I must confess, I have a whacker. Also a hitter, smacker, tugger, puller, but primarily a whacker. He occasionally goes by the name of Nicholas, although we don't think that truly is his name. (He rarely responds to it). But if shown a picture of himself, he will say it is NICKO!

Anyway, how did I end up with this child. There have been days when I've wondered if the nurses brought me back the right child. After all, I was in that postpartum bleary world after having a baby. How did I know what he looked like? But his voice is remarkably like his sister's, and his face looks exactly like hers as well. So he must be mine.

Me, the psychologist, who specialized in child development. Who worked with parents and children with behavioral and emotional problems. I have been presented with the biggest challenge yet. Overcoming the whacker!

I make it sound funny, but it really isn't. He luckily so far doesn't hit other kids. His sister seems to be the only target thus far. And quite the target she is. Getting hit with a bucket, a plastic spoon, a plastic basket, and numerous hand slaps that I can't even count, just in the past 2 days. The problem as I see it, is that she reacts in such a dramatic way that she partially instigates him. I have tried coaching her in ways to stop her behavior and hopefully decrease his to no avail. So now my behavioral plan for him began yesterday, and boy am I exhausted.

Thankfully I have written my share of behavioral plans in the past and instituted them. So as of yesterday, Nicholas is stopped each time he hits, made to say he is sorry and hug his sister. He is not allowed to play with any toys until he has done so. Every time is a battle of wills. Mommy versus Nicholas. So far I seem to be winning, but my energy is quickly fading. I know we are in it for the long haul in an effort to end or at least decrease the behavior. I know that his behavior is supposed to get worse before it gets better just to make sure the limits are going to stick. But boy is it exhausting.

I know this is "normal" 2 year old behavior. Hopefully the plan works and peace will reign or at least make a showing every so often here.

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Mom to Almost Four said...

I can sure understand the part about him respond to her response. Nicole responds to Andrew's offenses with such glaring screeches and cries that he immediately "fights back."

Hope it works. Nicole is my screamer and she is being sent to the corner everytime I hear it - had enough. Not even a pit stop in the time out chair. Time to nip the screaming in the bud!