Monday, November 06, 2006

Katie's Bedroom

Finally, I got a bed for Katie that I love. Isn't it gorgeous!! It matches her room perfectly. Of course, now we have to fix the doorframe, and do a little repainting, but hopefully all will work out.

I love this room! It is my favorite in the house for many reasons. We painted all the walls pink, and then I taped off the bottom portion where the chair rail and border would be. I made a glaze with a lighter pink and ragged it off. What I love most, is that the bottom part of the wall perfectly matches the marble look in her border. She wanted a princess room and she definately got one. Now I just need to find the perfect dresser to go with it.


Renee said...

My daughter would love your little girls room.

Mom to Almost Four said...

What a beautiful job! You are so talented! Come paint my house!!!!!

Don't you know Nicole would go nuts over that room?

mom-in-training said...

What a fantastic job!!! Katie must be so thrilled. I know when I was little, I would have loved to have a room like that! I still need to paint Amy's room... Need a job? :)

Crafty Mom said...

I'm telling you, it is the easiest thing to paint and make it look wonderful. And if I was in the area, I would gladly do the Nicole and Amy's rooms. I love designing and then seeing the finished product.