Thursday, December 14, 2006

Books We Are Reading

Blogger has decided to put up a fight tonight, so I am forced to enter my current book list here instead of on the sidebar.

Katie and I are currently reading Charlotte's Web, and for the most part enjoying it. I think she could do without the killing and blood references though.

A Special Place For Santa wonderfully combines the history of St. Nicholas with the current Santa Claus and the real meaning of Christmas. Kind of difficult to understand for young kids, but has lots of pictures and can easily be simplified.

The Polar Express Makes me smile each time I read it. We watched the movie for the first time the other night, and Katie really enjoyed it. Then we read the book for the first time since last Christmas, and she was telling me what would happen next throughout.

The Night Before Christmas by Jan Brett. Who doesn't love a good Jan Brett book? And while I am on the subject, we are also reading The Mitten.

Next on the list is The Little Drummer Boy by Ezra Jack Keats. Just a nicely illustrated version of the song.

A Little Golden Book's The Christmas Story is another classic read-aloud. It just has such nice illustrations, and it only cost me $1 at Half-Price Books.

Then there are several for Nicholas. Katie and Nick both enjoy reading Rosemary Wells' Max's Christmas. Who couldn't love these cute bunnies and the sweet stories she tells.

Nick also likes Christmas in the Manger, One Baby Jesus, and Jingle Bugs.

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