Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy 5th Birthday, Katie! Disney Style!

On Thursday, we spent the day honoring our Princesses every wish. No scary rides, It's a Small World and the Carousel and bazillion times, and long lines waiting for Ariel.

I think the best part for her and for me was going to Cinderella's Castle for lunch with the Princesses. I had never been inside the castle before and found it absolutely amazing. They kept the kids busy with Wishing Stars, the girls got Magic Wands and the boys got little swords. They immediately brought the adults and kids two sampler platters with food. These guys know kids. They don't sit long, and they want food when they are hungry. The kids got fruit and cheese, while we got some type of chicken, cheese, and salad. Then the real food came. All was very yummy, including dessert.

Hungry boy with sword

Katie and Belle

Katie and Snow White
Don't forget chocolate covered Nicholas, who had been thwarted by Snow White, when trying to play with the cake knife. (Notice the small hand in the bottom right with a nice, sharp gray knife)

"Oh, Dear, let's not play with that!"

Katie and Jasmine

Katie and Cinderella

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Mom to Almost Four said...

How absolutely dreamy. Nicole loved all the photos. It all seems so magical to her.