Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Yes, it has been a very long time since my last post, but you definately can't blame me. I have spent, with my family a total of 35+ hours driving the US, and 6+ hours aboard planes.
The weekend prior to Thanksgiving we packed up for Chicago to board our dog with my brother for our impending trip East. So we left that Friday afternoon and returned Sunday night, driving through freezing rain.

We then packed up once more for our 13 hour drive to Long Island, NY to visit Mike's family for the holidays. We arrived late Wednesday night, with just a small sprinkle of rain to start our trip as we traveled through New Jersey and into New York.

Thanksgiving Day - it poured and poured and poured some more. But with faces like these, who couldn't have a good time. This was the first time all 4 cousins were seeing each other, and I think they enjoyed playing with each other.

I know for sure that Katie fell in love with her baby girl cousin, and has since named her new baby doll from Grandma after her.

Even the boys enjoyed some fun playing with Daddy.

And we even got in some time at the park.

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