Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

Our Easter morning began with a loud 6:30 wake up of "The Easter bunny was here!! There are eggs in my room and on the floor!"

The Easter bunny always leaves a trail from each kid's bed leading them to their Easter basket in the kitchen. Both kids found way too many eggs hidden throughout the house. Some were so well hidden that we are still finding them today.
Nick enjoyed the eating portion of the Easter egg hunt. He quickly decided he didn't want anything to do with his Easter basket, since the only candy in there was a lollipop, and really wanted the plastic eggs he had found.

The kids both got lots of outdoor toys, so hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow and let us spend some time playing in the sand and blowing bubbles.

We finished decorating the Easter/ Spring cookies we had baked the night before. Katie makes an excellent assistant chef. Daddy and I frosted in lovely pastel shades of pink, lime green, lavender, and yellow. Then Katie and Nicholas helped sprinkle.

Nicholas didn't totally get the idea of sprinkling each cookie, so in the end we had one that looked like this:


Big-Bro-In-Law said...

I cannot possibly believe you guys can eat all those cookies and cupcakes! You have to visit the Nabisco web-site to see a more comprehensive selection than the cavalcade presented here and throughout this Wee Ones Blogger! The real question is why don't I ever receive any in the mail!!!!!!!!

Crafty Mom said...

I would gladly send you some, but the last time we tried that experiment, the grandparents and greatgrandparents got mush. Guess you will just have to try to make it out here.