Tuesday, October 09, 2007


While Nicholas informed me nightly that he wanted a blue birthday cake, I had already envisioned a dump truck cake for him for his 3rd birthday. After all, isn't a toy and dessert all in one a good thing? So here is the picture of the cake this year.

One brand new dump truck, 2 pans of brownies cut into squares, one package of Oreos crushed, and a package of gummy worms. 15 minutes and the cake was done. Oh, and don't forget the bed liner of wax paper so that the toy needed minimal clean up. Of course, being the birthday boy that he is, he managed to find the cake prior to the birthday celebration, but since it was covered with red plastic wrap, he only really knew that his cake was in a dump truck, he didn't see the gummy worms.

He still needed some help blowing out the candles for his official celebration this year. More spit than air seemed to be coming out. And as I served cake into bowls for his little guests, he swiped as many gummy worms as he could.

We ended the party with a ribbon pull pinata. Katie was the lucky contestant who opened the pinata filled with candy, mini-playdoh, cars, and bouncy balls. For you people who are nuts enough to use real pinatas and trust children under 10 with a stick, bat, or other whacking device, I am not that brave, and I have never seen one open that way. Seems the Daddy is always stuck using tools to gouge a hole at some point. So for now I stick with the ribbons.

This small but fun birthday party was definately a hit. He had a great time playing with his friends, being sung to, eating cake, opening presents, collecting pinata treasure, and playing outside in the heat and mosquitoes briefly. I don't think I have ever seen him so happy!


mom-in-training said...

Happy Birthday, Nicholas!!!

What a cool cake! I bet he loved that. And as for the pinatas... Yes, we much prefer the ones with the strings. Something about little kids wildly swinging a bat makes me nervous. :)

Be Inspired Always said...

Have a Happy Birthday. It looks like it was a blast.