Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Katie!

She finally made it to birthday #6. It has been over a month of great anticipation. When your birthday is the month following your brother's it is hard to wait.

We filled her birthday full of fun. I was supposed to watch her best friend for the morning anyway, so she chose a playplace that she wanted to go to, and we called up another neighbor to come play with Nicholas. The kids ran and jumped, and went up and down the slides until they were STARVING...then we went to McDonald's for lunch (the birthday girl's choice).

Afterwards she played with her friend a while, and then in the afternoon had gymnastics practice. After gymnastics she chose a lovely dinner of Taco Bell (YUCK) and Cold Stone for dessert. Then we hurried home and to bed they went.

The following day we had some errands to run, and things to do, and then Katie had her birthday party at her gymnastics place. She got to invite 10 friends, and 8 of them were able to come. The played with the parachute, they built a house with a bed and couch from foam blocks and mats, they jumped on the trampoline, and into the pit. And some of them swung from the bars. She had a fabulous time!! And when I say fabulous, I mean FABULOUS!! After all, she wanted a High School Musical party.

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Anonymous said...

that would be an awesome birthday lucky duck