Friday, January 05, 2007

Finally!! An Update

We have been busy around here. Not just busy, but BUSY!!!

First we had the pre-holiday mad dash to get presents finished. I stayed up late several nights, finishing some homemade gifts that I will BLOG later with pictures. And of course, there were all those yummy Christmas cookies to be baked - and eaten. Presents to order and presents to mail and presents to wrap...

After Christmas, my parents stayed until Thursday, which the kids very much enjoyed. Nick still asks for Grandpa and Grandma several times a day, and can't figure out why they left the dog with us. He thinks Grandpa forgot his dog.

Then the following night we went out for pizza at the mall, and some light shopping. After putting the kiddos to bed, we were alerted to Nicholas crying around 10:30. Not an unusual occurence since he hasn't ever slept all night yet. I found Mike in the bathroom with Nick and lots and lots of throw up everywhere. Needless to say, he was hit by the stomach virus and hit hard. He continued for 3 days unable to keep much of anything in his system. 4 pounds lighter and very weak and lethargic, I finally called the doctor's office New Years Eve and got some advice as well as the welcome news that their Urgent care clinic was open until 8 that night. Turns out we never needed to go. He slowly came back around and now is making up for lost time by eating everything he can get his hands on. He had some goldfish, a bowl of cereal, and 6 oz. of yogurt this morning before 7:30. We have finally branched out of just starchy foods and have put everything back in his diet again.

This also means that since he wasn't keeping anything down for 3 days, we quickly ended his nursing. He had a hard time while sick, but I couldn't give in or he would be sick again. So FINALLY, after 26 months, he is done. I was always willing to nurse him until he was 2. Extended nursing is highly recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, doctors, and any people knowledgeable about the subject. Unfortunately it is also highly frowned upon by the general public. I always felt weird when people found that I still nursed him, but it was his way of settling and going to sleep. It was a comfort thing. And while I still take the same time every night to cuddle him and rock him until he is almost asleep, I can't say that I don't miss it in some ways.

Moving on... Now Katie is sick with some version of a cough, cold, and fever.

I think I am going to take out stock in tissues, tylenol, cold medicine, clorox wipes, purel, and soap.

While I try to contain the latest illness for the New Year, here is hoping the rest of you have managed to start 2007 healthy.

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Mom to Almost Four said...

Get well! So far we have been well, but that surely won't last long! :) I am glad Nick is back up to speed. I hate it when the stomach viruses hit!

And you are so NOT weird for nursing him so long. It is a great act of love and provides great security. Jacob and Nicole were 19 months and it killed me to have to wean Andrew at 15 mo. :( But at least I get to do it all over again, God willing!