Sunday, January 21, 2007

The First Big Snow


After several wintery months, we have had our first major snowfall of the season. While Katie greeted the snow with great JOY, Nick was less than thrilled with the white powdery stuff on the ground and flying in his face.

We did manage to get a few sled rides with him, as well as interest him in a little shoveling before he wanted nothing more to do with the hat on his head and declared he was ready to go in. So lucky mommy, got to take him inside where he immediately stripped down to his long underwear and happily watched THE WIGGLES!

Daddy and Mommy got to have some fun sledding down our nicely sloped driveway as well. Even Hodge got a turn, a little unwillingly. The true meaning of the phrase dog sled!!!

Later while Nick took his nap, Katie had lots of fun playing in the backyard with the neighbors and making snowmen, snow angels, snow balls, and more sledding.

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