Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More Illness!!

It seems like we will never be well again. After suffering through the stomach bug the first week of the New Year, we have now branched out into the land of ear infections and viruses.

Katie started a fever and runny nose on Friday. Nick had a follow-up on his ears on Monday. The doctor checked them both and said so far no ear infections but both kids had fluid in their ears. If they continued to run a fever over 100, bring them back on Wednesday.

Guess What??

Fevers continued between 100 and 104. So today we marched back to the doctor's office. Katie has an ear infection in one ear. Nick again gets a double whammy. And to add to the feeling of hopelessness that he will never get better, he is scheduled to see an ENT on Friday to see if he needs tubes put in. After all, it has been about 5 months of ear infections.

So now it looks like he may be having a double surgery in February. The good news being that they will only have to put him under the one time, and they should be able to do both surgeries at one time.

Poor Nicko!!

So we continue on here, with both kids on antibiotics, and both parents trying to fight off the same virus that knocked out the kids.

Hopefully better news will be coming soon.

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