Sunday, April 06, 2008

Strawberry Picking

A friend of mine told me about a farm they had recently visited to go strawberry picking, and how the fields were full beyond belief of perfectly delicious strawberries. Having gotten used to paying up to $3 for a container of these berries that my children can devour in a single sitting, Mike and I opted to go one Friday afternoon to check it out.
And what fun we had!
The kids eagerly took their buckets and filled them with beautiful perfect strawberries.
Even Nicholas amazingly was able to distinguish between ripe ones and not so ripe ones or even overripe ones.

Katie was the careful picker. Choosing only those strawberries that met her perfect specifications.

We came away with 4 buckets full at only $1.25 a pound. Such a deal!! And we have every intention of going back again soon. Half of our strawberries were gone within the first few days, and tonight I thawed some from our freezer to use in this delicious relatively good for you dessert.
And for those of you curious to know what it is... I have named it "Living in an Apartment Strawberry Shortcake". The little cake circles at the bottom are angel food cake baked in a muffin tin, since my usual baking things are currently in storage in Cleveland. In case you are wondering, they come out perfect, just at about half the time or less.

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