Sunday, April 20, 2008


Twas the name of Nicholas' pet that he owned for all of 5 hours today. I meant to take a picture, but before I could, Sweetie was gone. Nicholas was very fond of Sweetie, and named her himself. He talked about her all afternoon, and how he wanted to show her to his teacher (whoever that might be). He told me how he was going to let Sweetie sleep in my bed tonight since she was scared of the dark.

But alas, Sweetie is no more. No. Sweetie didn't come to some tragic demise, she merely escaped the bug catcher that she was living in this afternoon. You see, Sweetie was a lovebug. One of those annoying but harmless bugs you usually see flying around Texas at certain times of the year in pairs (hence the name lovebug). And Nicholas did love her.

It made me think. Would a goldfish be a big enough reward to finish this potty training business up??


Anonymous said...

I would say yes remember your and his fish he loved them. I say give it a try what do you have to lose except when the fish is gone to fish heaven then what do you do?

Anonymous said...

Whatever works for potty training is a bonanza! Goldfish need more care, get a Beta, they live in plain water in a fishbowl. EB